As a company founded solely around the topic of Internet marketing, we encountered a lot of new information in our early stages.

 More than writing interesting pieces for clients, designing brilliant websites, and posting ads across the Web, we learned that building a presence on the Internet requires an all new skill set.

 Within the greater area of southern Indiana SEO was unheard of by many content writers and site developers until several years ago. The team at The Charlie Shafter Band got inside the door just in time to make a serious impact for our clients.

 Many readers and avid Internet surfers may not even know what SEO is.

 That is fine, because business experts have become large proponents of the trend as the Web progressed.

 Search-engine optimization helps place your site upon the top of the search engine results, as the name implies.

 Using keywords and clever, interesting articles that appeal to a large reader base, SEO enables some brands to excel beyond others in the public eye.

 Let’s face it, not many people go beyond the first page of a Google search window. It is said that if it doesn’t exist on the first page, it doesn’t exist at all.

 While this may not be entirely accurate, for most Internet users, it just may as well be. Some even joke that the dinosaurs, Big Foot, and the missing link between man and apes can be found on page two of Google, because nobody ever looks there.

 That is why in order to shine on the Web, your site must appear on the first page.

 This is how SEO helps your business, brand, product, or service. By appearing within the first several results on the search engine, you’ll be sure to get more eyes where you need them: your site.

 Without a website in today’s world, there is no brand. And if nobody sees your site, then your site is as good as non-existent.

 Learning how to use SEO helped our team become well-respected. Now we are taking what we learned and imparting it onto those who need it. That means you.